Womens Designer Jeans – Pear Body Type

The correct choice in womens designer jeans can truly enhance the pear body type. Well cut jeans can actually mold and lift the rear end, much like a bra.


To enhance your upper body and detract attention from your bottom. Within reasonable limits, to mold your hips and rear end with well cut designer’s jeans.


  • Boot-cut and flared legs give a long and lean look, but the gentler flare of the bootcut will serve you better
  • Womens designer jeans in stretch fabrics will make any fit more comfortable
  • Look for dark washes
  • As obvious as this may sound, it is especially important for women with a tummy: buy jeans that are the right size! You do not want to have a “belly spill over”
  • Try to find a pair in which the outseam is brought further to the front. This gives the illusion of a thinner thighs
  • Avoid pockets that sit too low, near the beginning of the butt, as they will shorten the look of your legs
  • Avoid excess fabric in the rear-end area
  • Low rise jeans can help make your rear end appear shorter and your torso longer


  • Pleats widen the look of hips and thighs
  • Avoid small pockets in rear, as well as pocket-less jeans and pockets placed too wide apart
  • Avoid tight jeans, especially those that are tight at the knees
  • Avoid bundling fabrics at waist
  • Avoid horizontal detailing at hip level, such as contrasting pockets
  • Even if this is the rage in womens designer jeans, avoid washes in the back pocket area, as well as any embellishment
  • Don’t even consider capris (nobody should)


  • Look for Flowing fabrics and blouses with a lot of detailing
  • Long jackets, never to the hip
  • Semi fitted or Tailored tops
  • Jackets should end below the hips
  • Shoulder pads
  • Loose or dropped belts
  • Keep handbags above hip level
  • Look for cowl necks and square necklines
  • Use belt the color of your blouse, narrow and draped
  • Dark colors on bottom and bright colors on top